My name is Dylan. I have spent years writing, researching, and storytelling at academic institutions and workplaces. Over time, this website has become more of a portfolio of those accomplishments, than a site for freewriting and interesting ideas like I had sort of intended. Nonetheless, some of those writings remain on the site, next to some of my most impactful creations from previous workplaces and educational institutions. I leave the original description of what this website was to be about, below.
    The Fractured Monolith is meant to be a place where I share thoughts that approach coherency. Once in a long while I share an essay, review, short story, or other work.
    The name of the site relates to a result that I think writing achieves—to uncover, decode, to make legible, and to reduce to components. The monolith is that which appears to be one-sided, that appears uniform, and as a result, coherent in a single way. The monolith is the indefatigable singular conclusion. To fracture it is to reduce it to separable pieces and thus make it far more lucid than the previously interminable ending, than the assumption emerging from its surface.

Thanks for reading.
Dylan Siegel